About Me

I have over 10 years experience leading data analytics projects focused on enabling smarter business decisions in high-growth startups throughout the US and Latin America. 

I’m highly analytical, focused on processes, cross-functional collaboration & project management. 

My strengths include analyzing complex data sets using Excel, SQL and Python, making compelling visualizations using Tableau & Looker as well as communicating insights & recommendations to senior leadership. 

My experience working in high-growth startup environments has prepared me to work under pressure and deliver results.


My experience includes:

  • data analysis using Excel, SQL, Python
  • data visualization using Looker and Tableau
  • automation with Python and other tools
  • business process analysis & improvement
  • budgeting & forecasting models
  • revenue management
  • reporting to senior leadership
  • user segmentation analysis
  • A/B testing 
  • crafting marketing campaigns
  • building strategic partnerships
  • geospatial clustering
  • business intelligence
  • CRM and information management
  • training users in data access and governance