Data Operations Manager at Beat

Beat is a former competitor to Uber in Latin America


Head of growth strategy & data reporting to senior leadership.
  • Implemented new revenue management strategy,  boosting revenue by over 40%.
  • Revamped data management & reporting processes, including new automated dashboards which reduced manual effort by 10 hours per week and improved data integrity.
  • Presented results & strategy recommendations to CEO and senior leadership on a regular basis.
  • Guided a team of 5 analysts. Implemented team restructuring which led to improvements in ownership and satisfaction.

Senior Data Analyst at Beat

Beat is a former competitor to Uber in Latin America


Managed strategic projects focused on growth and improvements to the user experience.
  • Designed launch strategy for 3 new markets and 5 new product lines, leading to a 25% increase in market share.
  • Implemented new customer retention strategy with improved segmentation methodology, achieving 15% growth in usage during the first month.
  • Built new automated alerts to identify service interruptions which reduced downtime by 50%.

Senior Financial Analyst at Itau Bank

Itau Bank is the largest bank in Latin America


Led financial reporting for the wholesale banking division.
  • Implemented reporting overhaul, including new automated processes that reduced manual effort by over 20%. 
  • Improved the customer identity database & reporting process to the government oversight committee which improved accuracy by over 25%.

Senior Data Analyst at The Intern Group

The Intern Group provides international internships to global students


Developed data accessibility solutions for the sales team.
  • Led development of a custom CRM solution, collaborated with developers to implement new automations and data access, leading to the best sales year in company history.
  • Revamped user onboarding communication flow which reduced support requests by over 30%.

Financial Analyst at Austral Education Group

Austral Education Group provides international study trips to MBA programs


Led financial reporting and risk management analysis.
  • Managed an annual operating budget of $3 million for 2 years.
  • Revamped financial reporting process, including new KPIs and automations, reducing monthly reporting time from 5 days to 2 and improving data access.

Operations Manager at Pionero Travel

Pionero Travel is a local tourism operator in Chile


Led operations and logistics for a luxury tourism operator.
  • Led the sales process and developed relationships with top luxury tourism agencies, growing bookings by 25% in my first year.
  • Implemented new internal processes, reducing manual errors and operational risk by over 50%.